I feel profound gratitude to all my clients. For their courage and willingness to explore and play. For exposing themselves and allowing me to witness their path of growth. I have learned from all of them.

Here follows the testimony of some of them.


I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Isaac and his highly skilled Coaching. He is a gifted facilitator, encouraging and fostering growth through insightful discussion and tailored practices. He challenged and inspired me, and through working with him, I developed a high level of clarity and an understanding of the goals and aspirations I am striving towards.


Isaac has such a great capacity to read and understand a situation and reflect on what I have said that makes sense I couldn't see. He asks questions in a way that really makes me question and learn about myself. And all of the work he gave me provided so much opportunity for growth and insight. He is so compassionate and supportive, and a genuine pleasure to work with him. Isaac has gifted me clarity, such an open space to discuss everything, and so much understanding.


Isaac's ability to be non-judgemental and provide alternative thinking to any and every situation has deeply helped me. I have found a new way for my relationships, and my way of approaching relationships has become much more mature. I am also more comfortable and confident in my decision-making abilities. Finally, and not least important, I have learned to draw clear boundaries.


The coaching sessions with Isaac are very interesting. He knows how to listen and be with you in a very respectful and positive manner throughout the process, without any rush or pressure. That made me feel comfortable. Through our work together, I feel freer in many aspects, and I give more space to my core values in my daily life.


Isaac lives this. I could clearly tell that he was engaged and interested in me, believed in what he was doing, and believed in me. He has helped me to keep my "goal-oriented side" at bay so that my creative and curious side can flower. Appreciate life and the things that are around me.