METHODOLOGY developed by Integral Coaching Canada's Laura Divine and Joan Hunt; it is likely the most rigorous and holistic coaching methodology.

INSPIRED In the human development model of the American philosopher Ken Wilber, synthesized in the integral theory.

COMPREHENSIVE This theory and methodology uses all known systems and models of human growth, from ancient shamans and sages to current advances in cognitive science, and distills its main components into 5 simple factors (Stages, States, Quadrants, Types, Lines). These are the essentials or keys to unlocking and facilitating human evolution.

Personal Development with rigour


Integral Coaching ® is a discipline that allows you to be more aware of your current way of dealing with situations, see new possibilities, and then develop new sustainable skills over time to achieve the desired results.

In an integral program, we are dedicated to your particular developmental needs.  

If you follow an integral coaching process, you will advance in these four domains that impact your desired goal.  

- You will have more awareness of your current way of seeing and relating to your topic, and you will also develop new ways to relate to and live it.

- You will develop new ways of understanding and have a new insights through deep and open conversations, which will strengthen healthy models of intimate and meaningful relationships. .

- You will participate in fully designed integral practices that will involve new perspectives and new ways of doing things in order to develop the skills and capabilities that are needed.

- You are going to expeirence a structure and a process that will help you make progress towards the desired results of your coaching program.

The pilars of the program are based on the conversations we will have and the practices you will engage with.  

In the open conversations, I will help you through those "aha" moments to have greater clarity and  reveal those mental, emotional, and relational patterns that impact your desired improvement, as well as propose new possibilities for growth.

We will have four types of structured conversations throughout the program (Intake, Offer, cycles of development, Completion).

The Practices arise from integral design to enable the change that is necessary with the intention to develop new skills, capabilities, and competences in different domains and intelligences (cognitive, somatic, emotional, moral, spiritual, and interpersonal). Practices are scaled to fit your needs.

As a whole, you will develop new talents to meet your desired goal.

Personal growth

Success is in our hands

I bring the experience, the knowledge, and the skill to balance the callenge with support, the humor with rigor, the playfulness with structure.

On your part, the desire to improve and the commitment to make it possible are necessary.

The lenght of the program is tailored to your needs, personal circumstances, and the depth of your topic.

Sessions usually take place every three/four weeks.

Start your journey.

Your journey begins with a free 20-minute initial conversation that will help us get to know each other and assess whether we are a good match to work together, as well as a first assessment of your topic to determine if I can help you successfully. You will also understand how Integral Coaching can support you and what it requires

Suppose we continue with the program. In this case, it is structured around four different types of coaching conversations as well as three different types of practices.

Intake: Intake Session: This is the first session in which we will explore in depth and clearly define the topic of interest or desire for improvement. We'll explore how you've engaged with it so far, what you've tried to do, and why this topic is important to you. You'll clarify what you expect from the program and what success would look like for you.

Offer:  You will receive an insightful perspective on how you have been engaging with the topic at hand so far, as well as a new proposal on how to do so successfully in the future. I will provide a set of development goals that will be the guideline for successfully reaching your goal. At this point, we will agree on the length of the program and the frequency of our sessions.

Ciycles of development: We will have regular conversations after the offer. These are fundamental to the process. In them, we will evaluate the learnings from the practices, see how those learnings support the development goals of the program, and point out how they grow the muscles necessary to build "the new way of being" to successfully relate to the goal of improvement.

Self Observation practice: This will allow you to become very aware of your "Current Way of Being" in relation to the purpose of improvement. We will observe the positive contributions and the limitations of this current way of being. This practice will offer us more clarity about the need to find another way of being and doing.

Foucs and Fundational practices: These will help us develop the muscles necessary to make possible a new way of Being and Doing, that will allow us to successfully achieve the purposes of improvement.


Let's schedule a conversation to get to know each other. We will explore what your topic of interest is and what you would like to get from the Integral Coaching service. We will also know if I can help you with your topic, and if we are a good fit to work together. Write to me, without any compromise, and let's meet!.