Grounded on what is probably the most rigorous Coaching methodology by Integral Coaching Canada.

Inspired on a human developmental model by american phylosopher Ken Wilber.

Meant to include all of you (body, mind, spirit) while using the most fundamentals insights, skills, knowledge and applications from the multiple fields that orient Human development.  


Integral Coaching involves open conversations, participation in certain practices, and willingness to explore oneself.

Through authentic open conversations, I will help create those "aha" moments through which you will experience greater clarity of what deeply matters and what is meaningful to you.

Then I will help pave the steps through different practices that will allow the emergence of new capacities and potentialities that will manifest your meaning in daily life.

Integral Coaching is a co-participative process between the coach and the client.

We will go through 4 different types of conversations (intake, offer, cycles of development, and completion). In addition, the coaching program will include different and personalized practices addressing crucial and significant aspects of your being (physical, emotional, moral, spiritual, interpersonal, …) to support and challenge the development towards your desired goal.

The length of the program is costumed to your needs, personal circumstances, and the depth of the goal; sessions generally take place around every three weeks.

Begin your Journey

Your journey begins with a FREE 20 minutes initial conversation call which will serve to get to know each other, feel if we are a good match to work together, and one first evaluation of your topic to determine if it is one that I can successfully help you with. You will also understand how Integral Coaching can support you and the main elements of a coaching program to help you clarify and develop what matters to you.

Suppose we are to proceed with the program. In that case, it is structured around four different types of coaching conversations as well as three different types of practices.

Intake Session: First session in which we will explore in-depth and define with clarity your topic. We will explore how you have been relating to it in the past and why it is important for you. We will go over as well as to what you would expect from the coaching program and what it would mean to achieve success for you.

Offer Session: You will receive an insightful perspective on how you have been relating so far with your topic and a new proposal on how to do it successfully in the future. I will offer a set of developmental objectives that would be the ground of the work together to attain your goal successfully. At that moment, we will agree on the length of the coaching program and the frequency of our work (coaching sessions).

Cycle of Development Sessions: We will have ongoing conversations (sessions) after the offer. Those are fundamental in the process. In them will discuss the learnings the different types of practices have offered, how they help support the program's developmental objectives, and how they build the muscles required to build "the New Way of Being" needed to relate successfully with your coaching topic.

Self Observation practice: This Will enable you to become intimately aware of your "Current Way of Being" in your coaching topic, observing how it supports your goal and limits your possibilities. It will offer more clearly a need to embrace a "New Way of Being" supportive and resolutive for your coaching topic.

Focus and foundation practices: Fundamental in your program and your engagement with them. They will help develop those new and latent capacities, muscles needed to support and awaken your "New Way of Being".

Completion Session: The final session. When both of us agree that our coaching relationship has successfully met your topic's objectives. We prepare the ongoing way forward in this last conversation beyond this coaching program.