We all have a unique contribution to radiate that might only shine if we have the courage to step forward as who we are, courageously to face the vulnerability to expose ourselves to the world.

There's nothing I feel more passionate about than support this journey towards greater, freer and fuller new ways of being.

About Me

I have always been curious to the question "why are we here for?" Life call's to happiness it is an intriguing mystery. We all have unique ways to experience that joy that fills our live in an abundance that no safety, material possession and even family love can get closer to.

I had seen glimpses, moments in my life, that I felt aligned to something that felt purposeful to me, those moments were blissful, yet intermitent and far too dependent of lifes's circumstances. As if I was not really owning that pursuit.

I felt drawn to phylosophy, spiritualitly and personal development. I enrolled in an extraordinary experience, the Master on Arts on Integral Theory, were many doors of new knowledge and experience opened to me. The universe begin feeling really as expanding. As I kept studying with an open mind and heart to that mystery, I found Integral Coaching Canada. If in my master's experience I had felt stretch to the nuances of new territories, here I felt stretch to my own capabilities of step fully in the world. This was a growth of all of me, to the intimate and public domains of my being.

That was a major turning point. 

I finally discovered that I had a way of being in life where my focus was on being responsible to others. And that I had to find a new way of being, that was more focused around my own unique purpose in life. 

Athough the ways that my uniqueness is been drawn to might change in different moments in life, I have found it orbitates around a core, a heart that shines around alliviating suffering and manifesting beauty, thruth and goodness. Through my capacity at attending with an open heart and mind to the multiple perspectives that are being offered  and see what’s possible to emerge as a latent potential and support its manifestation, either in individuals, groups or communities.

I now thrivingly Coach to help find Clarity into what really matters to you, so that everything you do fills you with joy and happiness.