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Selfishness. First a brief presentation of why this is monthly topic in my blog.

I like to point to, one way, we might understand selfishness, and how this understanding merges in our daily lives to pursue our goals, purposes or deep longings.

I have a personal relationship with this topic. This has been a topic pointed to me by a kindly group of Integral Coaches with whom we are meeting regularly in a fantastic program we are doing together (U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self at Edx). Read more...

Integrating patterns for real change

As things do not improve by themselves it is clear that one has to ask oneself where do I want to put my focus on? We know that were we place our focus our energy goes. We also know that we have to limit the amount of things we are going to focus on, just as well as to leverage those in which we can have a real impact in and with them.

Here, I like to share a personal reflection that lead me to a new focus and direction for this year. Hoping humbly this is might inspire a reflection on you as well… here it goes:


Some things just take a lot to change

Some things just take a lot to change right? Have you had that experience? Can you resonate with that statement in your life?

I do.Hell I do!

When I am true to myself, and I put myself in front of the mirror I have to painfully admit they are still present, more than I would like, more than I would imagine they still were.

What happens is that I am used to them, they are almost a part of me, like a nature to myself and my circumstances. I am so used to them that I don’t notice them as something painful anymore and I become numb to its effects.


Stuck in a moment, how to get out of it

If there’s something that lack of clarity reproduces that’s lack of traction, action and clear direction of our movement. Obviously we can also say that unclear direction, restless attitude and erratic movement is conducive to lack of clarity in our thinking. It is quite clear that both of these elements are interrelated and that they work together in many possible combinations. There are also others aspects at play, like how do we relate with others and how do we fit in our environment in those moments, that we will explore in later posts.


How I faced conflict, what worked for me and a practice for you

You might recall my recent entry in this blog in where I shared with you how I was leaving for later some conflicting situations I previously committed to address. I had made the goal to work on a challenging area this year -work relationships and wholehearted culture in the health club- and since this was somewhat conflicting and challenging I was simply avoiding it and keeping it for later.

As I shared, this had an impact in me: I felt drained in energy because what I was not facing I was carrying with me, over my shoulders. If the events and situations I was not facing were growing in dimension so was the weight on my shoulders. So simply there was a moment in which looking away was absolutely counterproductive, unhealthy, and very heavy and painful to me. I knew I had to do something.


What's next

Sometimes in our lives it is good to seat down and just contemplate our life journey so far.

We live in a moment in time where everything just happens too fast. Were we are fully booked with interesting, exciting and lovable commitments and responsibilities. We have many interests, we have many books to explore, cities to discover, friends to share, nature to savor…If you are like me, then you have kids to love, to be with them, to participate of their growing up, to educate, to take them to places to see, and join them in experiences to have.


Facing or postponing

As soon as I wrote last post entry I begin to experience two sensations that have been dancing with me since then.

For one I felt completely satisfied with my roadmap, excited to have all those projects ahead of me, and I felt eager to begin surfing that wonderful wave. I was thriving because I felt full, just by thinking, honoring and beginning to work in all of them. A rush of energy run through me from morning to late evenings, my mind was focus and I was joyous.

On the other hand...

Balancing my heart passions

It’s been a long summer or enjoying family -my two wonderful girls and wife-, breaking the crazy pace and re-charging myself with sun baths and physical practices on the beach. I feel the abundance of joy and serenity resting in my heart and they sparkle as I re-visit the memories of the good moments of this summer.

I feel full and ready.

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